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StoneTree® Concrete Fence Gates Are Both Decorative Utilitarian

Concrete fence gates can have both decorative and utilitarian functions. Homeowner Associations use fence gates as a form of protection and privacy. Utilities use concrete fences with gated access to enclose high-voltage equipment. Commercial properties and municipalities surround their buildings with gated concrete fences to secure their assets.

Gated Slate Block Concrete Fence Wall StoneTree® Fence Walls are uniquely designed for the easy, efficient addition of fence openings and gates of all sizes and for all purposes.  Openings and/or gates in the concrete fence wall are measured and planned during the initial layout session. The type and size of the gate products to be installed, such as a swinging or rolling gate, will determine the engineering and installation methods for their insertion into the fence wall.
Gated HOA Concrete Fence Wall Utility Fence Gate with Split Face Block Commercial Gated Concrete Fence Wall

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Gate Uses

Temporary Access: Openings in the fence wall can be temporary, allowing access for construction vehicles or other equipment. Because StoneTree® Fence Walls utilize a rigid footing support system, a panel may be removed from the fence wall without adversely impacting the adjacent panels.

Permanent Pass-Thru: An opening of any size may be created in a StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall to provide permanent, non-gated entry into the enclosed area.

Small Garden-Gate Doors: Smaller doors made of wood, wrought iron or other material may be used for openings where only foot traffic is allowed. StoneTree® Concrete Fence Walls accommodate gated access for both large and small openings.

Larger Utility Gates and HOA Gated Access: Larger gates may be used to allow vehicle access onto secured properties. StoneTree® Fence Walls can incorporate mechanical equipment for automatic fence gate opening and closure. Depending on the size of the opening, the gate is supported by the concrete fence wall, or by separate concrete columns.

Limitless Gate Designs: Gates may be engineered from a wide variety of materials to meet client specifications. They can be traditional concrete fence gates with ornamental accents such as wrought iron pickets, or they can have architectural details such as geometric shapes, logos or initials incorporated into the fence gate design.

Gated Stacked Stone Privacy Fence

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