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StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall Systems Overview

Written by Dennis Kleinman

Protection with StoneTree® Fence Walls

Security Fence Walls

Perimeter fence walls include residential developments, military compounds, utilities and more.

Easy Access After Installation

Easy Access After Installation

Not only are StoneTree® Fence Wall Panels easy to install around the outside of a real estate project

Easy Access After Installation

Perimeter Fence Walls

StoneTree® Fence Walls serve as effective noise reduction barriers.

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall Systems

Concrete Fence Wall Systems

Attractive, safe, efficient and cost-effective option for barrier walls anywhere in the world

Worldwide Leader in Design and Manufacturing of Concrete Fence Systems

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall Systems, developed by AFTEC, LLC, the Worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing concrete fence forming systems, are used for residential, commercial, industrial, community and public works applications. When the management of AFTEC entered the concrete fence market, precast fence wall panels were still being horizontally cast with a molded texture on one side only, leaving an undesirable, plain appearance on the non-textured side of the wall.

Created Innovative Visual and Structural Design Improvements

The first StoneTree® Forming System was developed in 1999, for vertically formed precast concrete wall panels with decorative stone texture on both sides of the wall. The efficient design of the StoneTree® Forming Systems, combined with ongoing innovative enhancements such as AFTEC’s patented Combo-Cast™ technology and proprietary Rigid Footing Support System, makes StoneTree® Forming Systems stand out as the leading precast forming systems in the concrete fence industry throughout the world.

The StoneTree® product name was branded by AFTEC as their initial integrally precast panel/column Combo-Cast™ fence wall. StoneTree® Fence Wall Panels were first sold throughout the United States Mountain West, and quickly became the leader for quality and excellence in the decorative concrete fence market. Due to the popular demand for the unique StoneTree® Product and its ease of installation, the product line is now available worldwide.

AFTEC has also designed and developed the SoundTec™ Concrete Form specifically for commercial and DOT Sound Walls.

Become a License StoneTree® Manufacturer

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