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Concrete Fence Panels & Posts – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the StoneTree® Fence Wall made from?
    StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fence Wall is manufactured from a high strength concrete mix. Strength of up to 5000 psi forms a powerfully strong, durable, long lasting precast concrete fence panels and post sections. StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall is also reinforced with either steel rebar or steel fibers in addition to the power of the concrete, developing a final product that is superior in every way to anything similar on the market worldwide.
  • Are StoneTree® Fence Walls the same as other types of concrete walls?
    No. The difference between the StoneTree® Fencing System and other concrete fences is that with most standard fence systems, the concrete panels are separate from the columns or posts. The StoneTree® Fencing System uses Combo-Cast™ Technology, whereby both the column and panel are manufactured as one piece, which ultimately reduces manufacturing and installation costs, while providing a durable fence wall for generations to come.
  • Do StoneTree® Fence Walls require a continuous footing?
    No, StoneTree® Fence Walls are installed using a proprietary Rigid Footing Support System, with pier footings every 15 feet on center. The Rigid Footing Support System uses a structural steel support to provide strength and stability for each of the wall sections, while providing enough give to accommodate expansion and contraction due to weather and climate changes.
  • How long has the StoneTree® product been available?
    The StoneTree® Fence Wall Forming System was developed in 1999 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since 2005 the products have been supplied through an expanding network of licensed StoneTree® manufacturers and installers.
  • Where are StoneTree® Fence Walls available?
    StoneTree® Fence Walls are supplied through a network of licensed manufacturers and installers throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. To find out more about the licensed StoneTree® manufacturer nearest you, fill out our Contact Page, and we’ll make sure they get in touch with you!
  • What do I do if there is no StoneTree® Manufacturer in my area?
    Your inquiry will be reviewed by our staff and once we know a little more about your specific requirements, your project information will be presented to the nearest StoneTree® licensed manufacturer who will contact you directly to discuss your needs and develop an estimated price for your project.
  • Do StoneTree® Fence Walls have a textured design only on one side?
    No, StoneTree® walls have a highly defined and natural-looking texture on BOTH sides of the concrete fence panels, because the concrete fence wall sections are vertically cast in the Form in which they are manufactured.
  • How many textures are available?
    StoneTree® Fence Walls are currently available in a variety of stone, block and brick patterns, including ashlar, brick, coral stone, stacked stone, slate block, and split face block styles. Custom-designed form liners may be made for retailers, HOAs and other entities which may desire a unique texture, logo or other custom architectural detail on their precast concrete fence wall.
  • Can StoneTree® Fence Walls act as a sound wall?
    StoneTree® Concrete Fence Walls act as a reflective sound barrier and will block noise the same way as a solid block wall. For Highway Sound Wall projects, our sister company, SoundTec™ manufactures concrete sound wall forms which produce sound walls up to 40’ in height with formed texture on both sides of the wall.
  • Can StoneTree® Fence Walls act as a retaining wall?
    StoneTree® Fence Walls can be designed to retain soil but must be engineered to have correct amount of reinforcing to meet the requirements of the job. Your licensed StoneTree® Manufacturer and installer will work with your builder, architects and engineers to ensure your retaining wall is engineered and installed correctly.
  • How is the StoneTree® Fence Wall colored?
    The fence is stained using colored concrete sealers after installation in colors which complement both the concrete fence panels texture and the area being enclosed. More on Colors.
  • If the wall is damaged, can it be repaired?
    Since StoneTree® Fence Wall sections utilize Combo-Cast™ Technology, all sections are modular so wall sections can be replaced easily.
  • What is the cost of a StoneTree® Fence Wall?
    There are a variety of factors which contribute to the cost of manufacturing and installing a StoneTree® Fence Wall, such as cost of materials, labor and geographic location. It is recommended that you speak with the manufacturer in your area to discuss your project requirements and obtain a price based on the conditions of your project site. Submit our contact form and we will send you information about how to contact your local installer.
  • Glossary: Precast Concrete Fence Wall Terms
    Concrete precasting and concrete fencing contains a number of terms that aren’t familiar to everyone outside of the industry. To make the right purchasing decisions – and to understand the construction process – it is important know these frequently used terms. If you have a question about a word or phrase, look for it on this list.

Written by Dennis Kleinman

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