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Sound Barrier Fence

Written by Dennis Kleinman

Low-Maintenance Noise Pollution Control System

Whether you need to install a couple hundred feet or several miles of sound barrier fence to mitigate noise, once it’s up, it will be very low-maintenance. StoneTree® Walls are easily and efficiently installed, withstand the harshest elements, and provide long-lasting, low-maintenance noise pollution control for generations.

StoneTree® Walls Offer Noise Pollution Abatement and Control with our sound barrier fence

Noise Pollution Control

Sound wall barriers are noise pollution control systems used for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal noise abatement. Standard noise walls are manufactured from a variety of materials including wood, vinyl, plastic and composites. However concrete, due to its density, is one of the most efficient and effective noise abatement materials available.

Noise Pollution Control - sound barrier fence

Traffic Noise Reduction which Impacts Business

Sound engineers contend that noise transfers through any void the same as water can; for sound walls to be effective, all voids, joints and cracks should be sealed to effectively minimize the noise transfer.

Sound barrier fence for Traffic Noise Reduction which Impacts Business

Integral Casting of the Combo-Cast™ for Noise Wall Barrier

Height panel/column into a monolithic unit, combined with the sealed interlocking nature of StoneTree® Combo-Cast™ wall panels, creates an noise wall barrier where the noises cannot penetrate through cracks, joints and crevices, which is a big step ahead of all the other reflective type of sound walls in the marketplace.

StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fence Wall sound barrier fence is capable of reducing traffic noise levels up to 10 decibels

Reducing Traffic Noise Levels up to 10 Decibels

StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fence Walls are capable of reducing traffic noise levels up to 10 decibels, which is basically cutting the sound level in half. StoneTree® Walls are available in a variety of heights and wall patterns to ensure your property receives the highest level of noise cancellation and abatement obtainable.

Reducing external Noise Levels up to 10 Decibels with sound barrier fence

Decorative Sound Barrier Fence? Absolutely!

It is a widely accepted contention that a concrete masonry noise wall barrier is unattractive, and therefore undesirable for residential or commercial uses. StoneTree® Fence Walls are vertically cast, ensuring that a decorative texture in a natural-looking block, stone, brick or custom-designed pattern is formed on BOTH sides of the wall. You’ll love the beautiful design and noise mitigating control of your sound barrier fence.