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Written by Dennis Kleinman

Precast Concrete Walls – Rapid Installation, Long-Lasting Protection and Removal for Equipment Access

Utility Security fence systems Stop Copper Wire Theft and Vandalism

StoneTree® Security Barriers for Utility Sites meet U.S. Department of Homeland Security and NERC requirements to increase security for sensitive and critical assets of the transmission and generating facilities industry. StoneTree® Utility Security Barriers are the efficient solution to enclose utility projects, protect high-voltage apparatus or specialized utility equipment from unauthorized personnel, and define boundaries.
Utility Fence systems

StoneTree® Utility Walls use a Rigid Steel Support to ensure a fast and efficient installation process, while also allowing for future removal of wall sections by heavy duty equipment for access if required.

Commercial Fence precast concrete Walls Panels Reduce Construction-Related Costs

The construction process of StoneTree® Utility Walls is faster than conventional CMU or traditional two-piece or stackable panel and column systems, offering added value while maintaining a secure environment in less time.

StoneTree® Utility Walls

Utility Installations Provide Height, Safety and Reliability!

With the increase of copper wire theft, use of a solid secure concrete barrier rather than chain link has become critical, not only to reduce theft and vandalism, but also to protect against accidental death and electrocution. Solid barriers also provide sound reduction and shield the view of critical equipment and machinery.

Various Heights up to 16’/4.8m

StoneTree® Utility Fence Walls are available in various heights up to 16’/4.8m by stacking wall sections when required. These walls combine the stability of high strength steel reinforced precast concrete and are adapted through specific engineering design for seismic, wind and geotech conditions.

StoneTree® Precast Concrete Walls are capable of reducing traffic noise levels up to 10 decibels
StoneTree® Utility Security Walls

StoneTree® Utility Security Walls

Meet UL 752 Level 4 Bullet resistant specification, as well as all security requirements of the DHS and the NERC. Security features such as lighting, surveillance equipment, attachments for razor wire as well as conduit can be integrated into StoneTree® Utility Barrier Walls during both the manufacturing and installation process.

Decorative Concrete Commercial Fence Walls

Commercial Fence Walls built from traditional block and concrete are generally functional, but not necessarily attractive. Our walls are highly decorative and are designed to have textured pattern on both sides.

StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fence Walls
Fence systems Custom Ashlar Logo

Reinforce Branding with StoneTree®

The StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall System has been designed to be the safest, most labor-efficient commercial fence wall on the market.

Concrete Commercial, Retailer, & Homeowner Precast Concrete Walls

Corporations, retailers, municipalities, homeowner associations and other entities seek innovative ways to increase awareness of their business. Commercial Fence Walls which incorporate brand identity logos or icons are a constant, yet subtle reminder of a company’s products or services.

Attractive Facades StoneTree®

HOA Fence Wall sections are vertically cast, resulting in a formed, highly-defined texture of a natural-looking block, stone or brick pattern formed on BOTH sides of the fence wall, providing attractive views from all angles.

Half Sized Fence
Reinforce Branding with StoneTree halfsize

Custom Texture, Logos and Colors

Many Homeowner Associations want fences enclosing their property to be decorative, and to have textures, patterns, custom logos, colors or other designs which fit the character of the residential development.

Noise Barrier Qualities StoneTree® HOA Fence Walls

StoneTree® HOA Fence Walls act as a sound wall noise barrier against undesirable noises such as automobile and sidewalk traffic, noisy neighbors, etc.

maintenance free stone fence walls halfsize
Precast Concrete Hurricane Fence Walls halfsize

Precast Concrete Hurricane Fence Walls Withstand Category 5 Winds

StoneTree® Precast Concrete Hurricane Fence Walls are engineered and manufactured in accordance with local hurricane codes, to ensure that the fence wall will withstand the required category of hurricane force winds.

Combo-Cast™ Technology Benefits StoneTree® Hurricane Fence Walls

StoneTree® Hurricane Fence Walls are formed vertically using Combo-Cast™ Technology, whereby the wall panel and column are cast as a monolithic unit. Each section is 15’ in length and available in various fence wall heights. StoneTree® Combo-Cast™ Walls are designed to weather storms without breaking, cracking or falling over.

Technology Benefits Hurricane Fence Walls halfsize
StoneTree® Rigid Footing Support System for Hurricane Fence Walls

StoneTree® Rigid Footing Support System for Hurricane Fence Walls

Fence Wall Panel wraps securely around the Rigid Footing Support System’s structural support, which is embedded into the caisson footing, protruding up into the column portion of the wall section.

Protection with StoneTree® Fence Walls

Perimeter fence walls surround a wide variety of land parcels, including residential developments, military compounds, municipalities, retail locations, utilities and more.

Protection with StoneTree Fence Walls halfsize
Perimeter Fence Walls halfsize

Privacy and Noise Reduction

StoneTree® Perimeter Fence Walls are designed to keep intruders and prying eyes away from the area being protected. They have been used to surround sensitive equipment such as television broadcast satellites and utilities.

Easy Access After Installation

Not only are StoneTree® Fence Wall Panels easy to install around the outside of a real estate project, but they are also easily removed in the event that access is needed to an area currently being enclosed.

Best Perimeter Fence Walls

With concrete being such a dense building material and having reflective sound properties, StoneTree® Fence Walls serve as effective noise reduction barriers.

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Systems

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall Systems are an attractive, safe, efficient and cost-effective option for barrier walls anywhere in the world. Call today or fill out our form to the left to learn more about our precast concrete walls and fence systems!