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Stone Wall Texture Concrete

Written by Dennis Kleinman

StoneTree® Textured Concrete Fence Walls Have Natural-Looking Brick, Block or Stone Texture on BOTH Sides of the Wall

Textured concrete fence walls provide an attractive elegance that CMU block and other masonry fencing materials cannot replicate. StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fence Wall sections are vertically cast, ensuring that each section has a highly defined brick, block or stone texture formed on BOTH sides of the fence wall. The attractive and seamless appearance of StoneTree® Fence Wall Panels provide aesthetically pleasing views of the textured concrete fence wall from every angle.
stone wall texture 

StoneTree Concrete Fence wall systems

StoneTree® Stone Wall Texture - Brick

Stone Wall Texture - Coral

Stone Wall texture - split face block 

Stone Wall texture - split face coral stone

StoneTree® Stone Wall texture - Coral Stone/Split Block

StoneTree® Stone Wall texture - Ledgestone

Custom Concrete wall Texture or Logo

Customize Your Concrete Stone Wall Texture with Unique Textures or Logos

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall sections are vertically cast in forms which utilize reusable form liners. To add a unique, decorative touch to the fence walls’ vertical surfaces, the concrete form liners may be designed to accommodate custom textures in geographic shapes and patterns.

Corporate, HOA or municipal logos may also be included in either the panel or the column section of the fence wall to reinforce brand messaging.

Include Custom Designs and Decorative Accents in your Stone Wall Texture

StoneTree® Fence Walls are versatile, easily integrating ornamental fence elements such as wrought iron, logos and lighting. StoneTree® Fence Walls may be finished with decorative colors and finishes to match the exterior landscaping and decor. A variety of colored concrete stains are available to enhance the rich, organic natural appearance of stone wall textures, while also complementing the color palette of the surrounding environment.

Stacked stone with wrought iron
StoneTree® Walls Offer Noise Pollution Abatement and Control

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