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Durable Fences


Why are StoneTree® fences so durable?

StoneTree® concrete fence systems are great for nearly any kind of fence, whether a commercial fence to direct traffic and prevent light and noise, or a taller fence to limit access from unwanted guests.  StoneTree® fences are also perfect and affordable options for residential and HOA situations.  With added labor-efficiency, a crew of three can install precast concrete fences can install each panel in about 20 minutes.  When the fence is installed, the owner will have a fence that can look like brick or stone, but it will last longer, and you can add customized logos, icons, and other elements that will add your own personal touch and style to this classic wall.

Durable Fences

StoneTree® concrete fences are reinforced with steel and they are precast using a system that produces a final product that is more durable than natural stone and brick.  This system of fence has no mortar, so water and other weather cannot seep into the joints and disrupt the bonding process that is necessary for stone and brick walls to last.  These precast fences use an expansion joint every 15 lineal feet which prevents expansive soil and settling problems that often occur with traditional masonry stone and brick walls.

Concrete fences are more affordable and durable than stone or brick fences. Very little maintenance is needed to protect these walls, and they can be installed quickly as they arrive at the jobsite pre-poured and ready for installation.  In addition to financial benefits of building with concrete, there are also environmental benefits in using concrete to build a fence.  There is a lack of waste in the construction, and a low thermal mass.  Concrete fences also protect those on the inside from excessive noise and light pollution, and unwanted visitors find access difficult to the inside difficult to attain.

Brick Fences vs. Precast Brick Fences

There are many reasons a homeowner or an organization might want a brick wall or brick fence.  Natural brick might match the architectural style of existing fencing or it might match buildings enclosed by the fence. The problem is, hand laying each brick increases the labor costs dramatically as each brick must be set by hand, the maintenance costs and responsibility are also higher as mortar must be periodically treated to keep moisture from damaging the wall.

The solution to getting the individual brick look without the labor costs and upkeep is to use the precast system which has a 5,000 psi concrete structural fiber that can mimic brick exactly.  The bricks that the precast designs are based have been carefully chosen to ensure that the brick and the design are both very attractive.  The concrete is poured into vertical molds, then the look of the “bricks” is created, and they can be aged to match existing brick or to match a particular architectural look.  The owner no longer has to worry about individual bricks breaking, mortar and bricks cracking, or other structural problems.

Concrete Fences or Vinyl?

One of the more popular fences right now is the vinyl fence.  Unlike wood and rail fences, vinyl fences don’t split, they can come in different colors, and are actually much stronger than wood.  Vinyl fences also do not need to be sealed and soap and water can be used to clean them, however, they have disadvantages too.   High temperatures can discolor them, they can become brittle from high temperature extremes, and they can be almost impossible to repair when just one small area is weakened.

Concrete fences have even more design options than vinyl fences, and they are easier to maintain, being practically maintenance free.  Concrete fences can also have different colors and designs added to the pour which adds value to a home or property right away.  Concrete fences can even be made to look like vinyl, wood, or brick, but with a much longer life-span and certainly easier to maintain.

Are StoneTree® fences right for you?

When considering a new fence or wall, precast concrete from StoneTree® can match or create almost any look.  These fences are cheaper to install and have almost no maintenance costs.  Fill out our form to the right to see how these durable fences can add value to any property.