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Easy fence repair

fence repair

StoneTree® Fence Systems: No Hassle Fence Repair

When deciding to have a fence repaired or replaced, it should not result in frustration, worry, and increased maintenance. It would be wise to reach out to a company with years of experience in providing beautiful, durable, custom-made fences for industrial, commercial, and residential customers.

The specialists at Stonetree® provide cement fences with outstanding quality, rapid construction, and a proficient installation method for our structures. Below are listed some of the reasons our pre-cast system surpass companies who employ poured in place concrete services.

If damaged, our sectional wall panels are easily replaceable…

Our multiple patent systems are comprised of getting to know every detail of what is needed before we start the job. This constitutes our licensed manufacturing expert taking all the information of what the job entails – such as the boundaries of the property, prospect of the fence location, measurements, and special requirement relevant to the design. All the details are given to the pre-casting wall panel constructors.

After the walls are manufactured they are  installed by a small group of skilled construction workers, who can lay a straight line of 90 feet or more of concrete fence panels per day, which saves on the cost of labor and shortens the time for the assembly of the panels.

To make a long story short, the walls are perdurable; however, if they are damaged fence repair is easy because the wall panels can easily be replaced with new pre-cast units.

Our pre-cast walls are structurally sound because they are made in-house…

Since we make our walls under strict quality control procedures, we have minimal waste and the advantage of on the spot quality control. Companies who pour concrete in place must continually check on the consistency of the cement, leaving room for significant errors accumulative in experiencing recasting difficulties.

Our environmentally-friendly concrete fence wall panels can be engineered and constructed to endure strong winds up to 150 mph, and are stable under the harshest circumstances such as hurricanes and seismic vibrations. It is a requirement that for all projects, the walls are engineered to reflect the wind and soil requirements of that project where applicable.

Benefits of our Walls…

easy fence repair

  • Security – Having peace of mind is important for an individual’s overall well-being. Our fences provides defense against undesirable factors. The addition of Surveillance cameras and specified lighting can be arranged.
  • Privacy – Experiencing the freedom of being able to keep prying eyes from surveying personal property is always reassuring.
  • Quick Installation – Our fences are manufactured in a controlled manufacturing environment and transported to the building site, which leads to a faster installation and less inconvenience for our customers.
  • Beauty – Ranging in sizes from 3 to 12 feet, a combination of heights can be created for a unique look. Stucco, brick, and natural stone are just a few patterns and textures we offer for an even more aesthetically appearance.
  • Easy fence repair – Fast fence repair saves you time and hassle with a broken fence.

About StoneTree Services…

Stonetree® is one of the foremost global leaders in the industry of precast wall panels and fences. Get more details today about our products, contact us online, or call us at (866) 370-3676 for a free non-obligatory quote, our professional and friendly staff will be able to assist you with your requirements. Call us today if you need a fence repair!