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IMPROVED StoneTree® Website Provides User-Friendly Format

Written by Dennis Kleinman

The StoneTree® Website has been overhauled and updated as an integral part of the rebranding activities being developed by our Marketing Department. Using the new StoneTree® Brand color palette, the content addresses all markets, from homeowners to industry professionals and everything in between! The site now provides a user-friendly experience, and presents more information on the applications, features and benefits of StoneTree® Fence Walls. Resources such as engineering drawings and specifications, will be included soon, and more content will continue to be added, to keep information relevant and fresh. We invite you to take a tour of the new website which can be found at
StoneTree Concrete Fence Systems

AFTEC is pleased to announce the addition of three new manufacturers to its group of Licensees!.

Torreon, Mexico:Julio Garza of Gathos Proyectos is expanding the business to include manufacturing and installation of StoneTree® Walls servicing areas in the states of Coahuila, Chihuahua, and Durango.

Farmington, NH, USA: After becoming aware of AFTEC’s products a few years ago, John Cardinal, owner of AJ Foss Precast Concrete Products, has added StoneTree® Fence Walls to their product line. AJ Foss has been New Hampshire’s leader in the precast concrete industry for over 50 years and specializes in residential and commercial projects. In addition to fence walls, AJ Foss also provides concrete countertops, decorative concrete steps, septic systems, landscape blocks, submersible pumps and leach field construction.

Dayton, OH, USA: We welcome Jim Wood and his brother Rob, owners of Tri-state Precast, LLC, to the growing group of AFTEC Licensees. Tristate Precastrecognizes that StoneTree®Fence Walls will compliment their precast concrete foundation and basement wall operation. They will cover the market areas of Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio and Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.