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Concrete Fence Installation

Written by Dennis Kleinman

Why is the Stonetree® process the most labor-efficient concrete fence installation method in the industry?

Concrete fence installation happens quickly and easily using the StoneTree® Fence Wall System. Laying individual CMU concrete blocks, bricks or stones requires the time and talent of skilled masons. The StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fencing System installs faster and safer than other comparable products. Because of our Rigid Footing Support System technology, on average, a crew of three is capable of installing over 400 lineal feet of fence wall per day.

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall Installation Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation:

The licensed StoneTree® Manufacturer visits the fence installation site to determine property lines, fence placement, gate or opening locations, and any other details pertinent to the project, such as location of lighting and security features, then compiles all the measurements and other information for the casting facility, where the wall sections are then manufactured.

Step 2: Footings Are Located,
Drilled Set to Grade and Poured

While the panels are being precast, a construction crew mobilizes on the jobsite to install the concrete fence. They locate where the footings are to be set, then an auger is used to drill the holes every 15′ on center for the footings. The footing forms are accurately laid out and set to grade with the structural supports clamped in the forms and then they are filled with concrete.

Footing forms set-up Stone Tree Concrete Fence

Step 3: Wall Sections are Installed

Once the footings have cured with the extended structural support, it is time to install the wall sections.

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall Installation Process

Each wall section is then transported to the fence line.

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall Installation Process

The wall is set in place by putting the column area
over the protruding steel support.

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall Installation Process photo number five

The wall is then aligned in place with the panel end
meeting the next structural support beam.

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall Installation Process

Once aligned and set to level, the rigging is removed.

Finished Concrete Fence Wall
To complete the installation, a concrete cap is secured to the top of each column

Step 4: Coloring

Once the wall is constructed, it is colored using a variety of techniques

Finished concrete fence wall colored.
StoneTree® Concrete Fence detailed work.
Finished concrete fence.

Great Walls!
We had walls put up in our HOA and they look really nice. We couldn’t be happier with the design and durability of the fence. The installation guys were very professional and worked hard to get it done fast so it wasn’t an inconvenience. We would definitely recommend StoneTree.
Fence Wall Review
Date published: 12/01/2014
5 / 5 stars