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Concrete Fence Costs

Upfront Cost Does Not Equal Price

Concrete Fence Costs

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a financial approximation projected to help owners and buyers to determine the indirect and direct costs of a system or product. TCO helps businesses keep track of all pertinent business factors including the following:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Overhead
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Risks
  • External and Internal Business Considerations

Total cost of ownership is used to decide the “true” total cost of ownership of the service or product.

Total cost of ownership encompasses the concrete fence costs of service, quality, delivery and price. Construction is a long-term capital investment in which ongoing concrete fence costs can definitely dwarf the starting price. This information allows businesses to better identify alternatives, assess sourcing, and even make a strong case when selling against overseas competitors.

Precast Concrete Wall Panels Cost

When you pour concrete walls on location, it can be costly. There are several factors that can delay or destroy the process including; the weather if it rains you lose a day, if it is too cold or wet the concrete cures too slowly, if it is too hot the concrete cures to quickly all three conditions make working with the concrete difficult if not impossible.

Concrete poured on location takes about a week, if the weather conditions are not agreeable to could take longer and you also face other setbacks such as cracks in the concrete if it does not cure evenly, and overtime while your employees may not mind the extra cash on payday, your bank account may not agree.

Precasting the walls in a warehouse is the best way to ensure the project is not effected by the weather conditions. It eliminates any chance of extreme cold or heat affecting how the concrete sets and hardens, ensuring that the project is never slowed down or halted completely.

StoneTree® concrete fence panels can be made onsite using one casting machine or they can be made in a temperature controlled warehouse, using an environmentally friendly concrete.

Installation is more affordable for the customer and the company and greatly reduces the amount of time spent installing the fence compared to pouring on location.

Our Precast walls are head and shoulders above our competitors, when StoneTree® makes your fence you do not have to worry about the following:

  • Fence blowing away during strong winds
  • Fence crumbling under Hurricane conditions
  • Overall structurally sound (when you walk by our fence isn’t going to fall over)
  • Our walls do not require any type of bracing
  • No grouting required – which saves time and money
  • Our fences are delivered as one piece – saving again more time and money

All of the above factors and some we didn’t include all make StoneTree® walls provide lower labor costs, concrete fence costs and overall customer cost.

Concrete Fence Costs include Transportation

concrete fence costs

StoneTree® walls do not require special equipment such as an A-frame rack to transport the wall to its new home because the wall is a standalone unit. Our combo cast technology allows us to cast the wall and panel as one unit eliminating the need for the A-Frame racks, which attribute to higher expenses and logistical issues when using a contract trucking service.

Service Costs

A good fence is vital to preserving the price of a house. Aside from the fencing protecting your home and property from natural disasters and human and animal threats, precise fencing can provide your home with style, distinction, and beauty. Once you have made the decision to have fencing installed on your property, the next step is deciding what type of material to use – wood, vinyl or concrete.

Wood Fence

Wood fences add a nice aesthetic value to your home. However, over time the wood will begin to rot, termites may make it their home destroying it even more, wood is prone to fungus and water damage will all quickly destroy a wood fence.


Vinyl is more durable and generally last for decades. Vinyl is still a fairly weak material, and when it is exposed to heat, wind, or rain become dislodged. Vinyl is difficult to repair, and damage to only one section can compromise the entire fence. .


Concrete is one of the most durable materials available it provides beautiful, sturdy fencing and requires very little to maintain. Concrete is inexpensive, flexible, and is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to destroy. It also provides a low thermal mass, minimal carbon footprint and is great as a noise barrier and it can block the view of nosy neighbors or cars passing by your home. A concrete fence is a perfect way to make your home more beautiful and raise the property value.

Cost Estimates

It is important to realize that there is more involved in the concrete fence costs of your new fence than just the actual fence, it’s not like going to a garden center and picking out a fence tossing in the back of your truck and taking it home and pounding it into the ground yourself.

When you decide to have a nice concrete fence installed around your home you have to take into consideration several factors when looking at the cost.

You have to consider the cost of the material, in this case the concrete. Whether you have the concrete delivered to your home and the fence built there or if you chose a precast fence you still have to have a way to get that fence to your house so you are looking at either equipment costs (cement mixer) or a truck to deliver the precast fence.

Then you have to consider the cost of the preparation of the work site, including costs to protect existing structure(s), finishes, materials, and other components.

The cost to clean up all of the debris and take it away after the job is completed, plus the cost of labor to set up, and the workers’ wages. As you can clearly see the cost does not equal the price.

StoneTree® Fences are Right For You!

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