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Ornamental Fence Iron Accents

Written by Dennis Kleinman

StoneTree® Concrete Fences Integrate Ornamental and Decorative Iron Accents

Ornamental Iron accents can personalize a concrete fence, creating an inviting sense of welcome and openness. In certain applications, concrete fence walls can seem austere. When they are offset with decorative accents, the result is an aesthetically pleasing, inviting fence wall which offers a unique blend of strength and delicacy, providing both protection and line of sight to areas beyond the enclosed space.

Stacked stone with wrought iron accents

Ornamental Iron Accents Provide Fences with Personality and Unique Design Elements

Decorative accents are used on concrete fences to add both protection and a personal touch to the fence wall. The ornamental fence accents can be as unique as the residents or companies who use them, and can be in a variety of materials such as wrought iron, aluminum, precast concrete and more.

aslar security fence different
Wrought Iron can be designed as a traditional fence pickets with decorative finials, or they can be forged into customized patterns with architectural details to add charm and a unique design element to the fence. Aluminum accents are similar to wrought iron; like the StoneTree® Concrete Fence Walls on which they sit, aluminum accents are maintenance-free and easily withstand the elements. Precast concrete accents can be formed in geometric shapes and textures which can be constructed in such a way to allow viewers to see what is on the other side of the wall while adding a touch of whimsy to the fence wall.


ashlar entry different heights with Iron Accents
Split Block Wall with extended columns and ornamental iron accents

Installing Iron Accents onto StoneTree® Concrete Fence Walls

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Walls integrate decorative accents by combining a low wall panel with a higher column to which the ornamental accent is attached. The result is a durable concrete fence which provides both line of sight and security in a decorative environment.

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