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Precast Concrete Wall Installation Process


Unsightly concrete walls are a thing of the past when you choose a precast concrete wall solution. Precast concrete is produced by casting concrete into a reusable mold. The mold is cured in a controlled environment and securely transported to the building site. Through this innovative process, we can choose from a wide range of […]

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Benefits of Concrete Commercial Fencing


The type of fence you have around or in front of your commercial property doesn’t just affect its appearance. It can also have an impact on a number of other factors, including whether or not you’re on good terms with your neighbors and what kind of initial impression you make on visitors. Concrete might not […]

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Fascinating Uses of Concrete

StoneTree® Concrete Fence - Fascinating Uses of Concrete Featured Image

Concrete—the most frequently used man-made substance consumed—is durable, versatile, and reliable, to say the least. Annually, 15 billion cubic meters of concrete is used. To put that number into perspective, if cement was soda pop, every American would have to consume about 343 million gallons of soda a year to approach how much cement we […]

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Comparison: Wood VS Vinyl VS Concrete Fences

Comparison: Wood VS Vinyl VS Concrete Fences

Fortified Fencing: What Materials Should You Use? Good fencing is crucial to maintaining the value of a home. Besides protecting your property from natural and human que es diagrama de dispersion threats, the right fencing can also give your house beauty and distinction. The first step in installing a fence is selecting the right material, […]

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A Relationship as Solid as Precast Concrete

How to choose a concrete fence contractor

It is a mistake to assume that all precast concrete wall companies are the same. Companies vary widely levitra dosage instructions in their assembly approach, the materials they use, and the lifespan of their products. If you want to avoid the extra cost and hassle of a do-over project, forging a good relationship with a […]

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Precast VS Poured in Place Concrete

Precast Concrete Fence Walls Superior to Poured in Place Concrete Concrete pours require professional and detailed coordination of labor and materials.  Under favorable conditions, pouring slabs, walls and floors challenges construction management.  Weather, failed supply lines, and no-show employees create uncontrollable, untimely difficulties. Concrete fence wall construction can be controlled by using a pre-cast strategy.  […]

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The Best Way to Protect Your HOA Community


One thing that all gated, or planned, residential communities have is common is a set of similar interests and priorities. Whether the shared passion is golf, tennis, trail hiking, wildlife preservation, or raising a young family, the underlying desire is for a communal sense of safety and security. Homeowners Associations have increasingly turned to […]

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Power Grid Security Using Boundary Wall Protection

StoneTree® Security Barriers for Utility Sites meet U.S. Department of Homeland Security and NERC requirements

In April 2013, an attack was carried out on PG & E’s Metcalf transmission station, which knocked out 17 giant transformers that funnel power to Silicon Valley. It took workers 27 days to make repairs to bring the substation back to life. Jon Wellinghoff, Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) at the time, […]

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Reduce Traffic Noise levels up to 10 decibels

ashlar municipal wall stone tree fence

Sound engineers contend that noise transfers through any void the same as water can; for sound walls to be effective, all voids, joints and cracks should be sealed to effectively minimize the noise transfer. The unique integral casting of the Combo-Cast™ full height panel/column into a monolithic unit, combined with the sealed interlocking nature of […]

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