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Benefits of Concrete Commercial Fencing


The type of fence you have around or in front of your commercial property doesn’t just affect its appearance. It can also have an impact on a number of other factors, including whether or not you’re on good terms with your neighbors and what kind of initial impression you make on visitors. Concrete might not be your immediate choice when you think of beautiful yet functional fencing, but it has a lot to offer compared to other types of materials. When it comes to commercial fencing, concrete has proven to be a superior choice of material, thanks to the many benefits it provides.

Concrete Fencing Pays for Itself in the Long Run

Concrete commercial fencing provides a highly affordable way to enclose and enhance commercial properties. It offers a quick, efficient system in terms of labor, leading to lower construction costs. Our StoneTree® Concrete Fence Walls include AFTEC’s Combo-Cast™ technology, which helps reduce roughly half of the labor and lifting equipment involved. It does this by allowing the panel and column sections to be cast as one unit, so the system can be installed faster and with greater efficiency. Our concrete fences also require minimal or no maintenance, which helps lower the overall cost of these systems.

Reinforce Company Branding

Concrete commercial fencing gives companies a great way to boost brand recognition and bring in potential customers. Companies can have their logo or icon cast into the concrete, which helps increase their visibility among those who are passing through the area. We offer StoneTree® Concrete Form Liners that can include company icons or logos that are visible from far away. This helps remind the public about the company’s products and services, even if they’re just driving past the property.



One problem that commercial properties often deal with is noise pollution. Neighbors living in the surrounding area can experience health issues linked to this type of pollution, such as sleep disruption, anxiety and high blood pressure. These issues can be brought about by frequent exposure to loud or constant sounds, such as steady traffic coming into or out of your property. Our StoneTree® Concrete Fence Walls help commercial property owners reduce noise pollution through the use of high-strength concrete, leading to happier, healthier neighbors. This concrete acts as a reflective sound barrier that reduces the amount of noise that normally escapes through gaps in fencing.


Concrete commercial fencing offers superior durability compared to fences made from other materials. Concrete won’t deteriorate or rust over time, and it’s strong enough to handle wind, rain, fire and other hazards without suffering damage. Our StoneTree® Concrete Fence Walls also offer increased durability and strength thanks to our rigid footing support system. This system consists of a thick steel I-beam in a rigid concrete footing that’s strong enough to hold up wall sections, unlike the thinner rebar used in other fencing systems. With this much support, you don’t have to worry about any portion of your concrete fencing falling down.


When it comes to keeping your property safe, StoneTree® Concrete Fence Walls offer a convenient way to add security features. The panels in our fence systems are designed to allow easy installation of security equipment, including lighting, cameras and sirens. Our fences also make it easy to install barbed wire, razor wire and spikes if needed. For commercial property owners who don’t want an industrial look, we provide the option of adding colors and designs to security fences.


Natural Beauty

Concrete commercial fencing doesn’t have to include plain, dull surfaces with an industrial look. Many commercial property owners choose fencing that provides a more natural, eye-catching look on both sides through the use of different textures, designs and colors. Our StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall systems are available in a variety of textures, including:

  • Ashlar
  • Slate block
  • Weathered brick
  • New brick
  • Stacked stone
  • Split block
  • Coral stone/split block
  • Ledgestone

Our fences also come in a wide range of colors to suit any commercial property. You can choose one tone for the entire fence or accentuate borders or other areas with tones that provide a touch of contrast.


For added security, safety and ambiance, lighting can be easily installed in our StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall systems. Having lighting installed helps deter vandalism, reduces the risk of falls and adds a touch of ambiance when it’s dark out. The right lighting can also highlight certain landscaped areas to enhance your commercial property’s appearance. Our systems provide you with a cost-effective and convenient way to install lighting, thanks to our Combo-Cast™ panels that leave plenty of space for electrical conduits. We also have several styles of light fixtures available, whether you want elegant, lamppost-like fixtures or plain, functional fixtures.

Your Commercial Fencing Professional

When you need commercial fencing that will protect your property and enhance its appearance, you can’t go wrong with concrete. StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall systems provide you with the features and qualities you need to have visually appealing yet functionally sound fencing around your property.

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