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Security Fence Equipment Installs Easily on StoneTree® Fence Walls

Electrical Security Wire On Concrete Fence

Security fences require extra equipment such as gated access points, lighting, cameras, razor wire or electric viagra sans ordonnance wire to protect the enclosed space from intruders. Security equipment installs easily on StoneTree® Fence Walls, because of the unique design of the Combo-Cast™ panels. Electrical wiring threads through the column section of the wall panel and attaches to the light fixture, camera or other equipment the security fence requires. Security equipment such as lighting and cameras may be mounted on the fence column cap. Razor wire or electrical fence wire may be installed either on top of the fence wall, or mounted to the side of the wall with brackets. Automatic gate openers may use push-code access which is separate from the fence wall or automatic sensors which are hidden by the fence wall.

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