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Low Maintenance on your Concrete Fence Walls

Different Heights Textures

StoneTree® Fences Are Low-Maintenance

StoneTree® Concrete Fences are low maintenance, staying beautiful for generations with very little upkeep. After installation, they are coated with a stained sealant to protect the concrete from the penetration of the moisture elements such as rain, sleet, and freezing of the same. The concrete does not succumb to bleaching, chipping or cracking, as do alternative fence

wall options, such as vinyl and wood. The stained sealant guarantees years of low maintenance enjoyment. StoneTree® Fence Wall color options are limitless, ensuring the fence looks sustituto viagra sin receta natural and complements nearby buildings and foliage.

Concrete block or brick

fences are not easily removed or replaced without significant


on the existing vegetation surrounding the wall. Most concrete masonry systems require continuous footings, which upsets existing landscaping and vegetation. The proprietary Rigid Footing Support System used by StoneTree® Fence viagra sans ordonnance Walls only requires footings every 15 feet, minimizing the impact to the surrounding area. StoneTree® Fence Walls provide a low maintenance landscaping alternative to more traditional fencing systems.

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