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StoneTree Concrete Fence Comparison Chart

Stacking systems are less resistant to hurricane forces.

When compared to similar precast concrete fence options, StoneTree® Concrete Fences are the clear leader in both quality and efficiency.

CriteriaStoneTree© Concrete FenceConventional Concrete FenceStackable Concrete FenceConcrete Block Fence
No. Footings/600 ft4151121Continuous
Column Size18″ square12″ – 20″ square5″ squareNot Always Present
Panel Thickness5″4″ – 5″1.75″6″

Texture Relief

7/8″3/4″1/2″Depends on Design
Expansive Soil AdaptabilityExcellentGoodMarginalMarginal
Panel Depth into Column4″3″1.5″n/a
Installation SpeedFastest50% Slower60% Slower70% Slower
Double-Sided FinishYesNot AllYesDepends on Design

Panel Construction

Solid Panel/Column ConnectionYesNoNon/a
Column CapsYesYesNoIf Built with Columns
Sound viagra sans ordonnance Barrier RatingHighHighLowHigh
Concrete SealerYesYesNon/a
Risk of Reinforcing CorrosionLowLowHighHigh

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