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Why is StoneTree® an Exceptional Value?

exceptional value
If you want to get a truly exceptional value for your money, you should order a StoneTree® concrete fence from one of AFTEC’s licensed manufacturers. In comparison to fencing made from other materials, such as vinyl, metal, or wood, concrete fencing competitively priced and will not set you back too much in terms of finances. With StoneTree® concrete fencing, the materials used are of the highest quality, and the installation in most cases is much faster than conventional masonry walls.

While StoneTree® products are competitive, what makes the concrete fencing such an exceptional value is how long it will last you. With the variety of decorative finishes and highly defined textures, once the wall is completed, it requires very little long term maintenance. Unlike wood or vinyl fencing, StoneTree® concrete fencing will not fade in the direct sunlight. In fact, StoneTree® concrete fencing will remain in good condition in the face of extreme weather, including hurricanes. StoneTree® products are an investment that you won’t regret for years, and likely even decades, to come. Additionally, by incorporating the StoneTree® wall system on your project, you are likely to also enhance and improve the value of the property to which it is applied.

Fast, Easy Installation

As stated above, the installation of StoneTree® concrete fencing is relatively fast and easy on most projects. In fact, StoneTree® concrete fencing can be installed at an average speed of 90 feet per hour. Due to the quick installation, you expect to save a lot of money and have your fencing fully constructed in less time.

Wind Resistance

A concern that many homeowners have about their fencing is how extreme weather will impact it. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about StoneTree® concrete fencing succumbing to weather, as it can be designed to withstand winds of up to 140 miles per hour.

Reduces Sound Pollution

If you live in a very heavily populated city, noise is probably a huge issue for you. This is especially true if you happen to live near a highway. One thing you can do to reduce sound pollution is set up a fence in between the source of the noise and your home. Ideally, the fence should be tall and tightly-made. Such a fence will physically block the noise from reaching your home. With StoneTree® concrete fencing, you can have a fence constructed that will easily meet both of the requirements for a noise pollution control fence as all StoneTree® walls are rated as reflective sound barrier walls.

Attractive Finish

StoneTree® concrete fencing comes with an attractive finish and texture on both sides. Since both sides are textured, you will be able to enjoy an attractive view of the concrete fencing from all angles. The texture is not only natural-looking, but it is also highly defined. Therefore, the concrete fence will only add to the beauty of your property instead of detract from this beauty.

Great Variety of Texture Styles

Not only are the texture styles for StoneTree® concrete fencing attractive, but they are also quite plentiful in terms of variety. You will find standard textures in a large variety of patterns, including stacked stone, ashlar, coral stone, ledgestone and split face block. Not only are there stone patterns, but there are also block and brick pattern, and in some markets, sand/stucco finishes are popular. If you don’t want to choose any of the offered textures, you can have a texture custom-made. You can have a concrete fence with just about any texture, logo, or custom architectural detail you desire.

Many Color Option

There are many color options for StoneTree® concrete fencing available. Therefore, you will be able to choose a color that will give the fencing a more customized feel. The color you choose can also help you ensure that the stone fencing will complement your home’s landscape and surroundings. You won’t even have to worry about the color fading because concrete sealer is combined with the color pigment and added to the concrete. This concrete sealer will also protect the longevity and beauty of the concrete fencing. You also have the option of choosing multiple colors for your concrete fencing.

Variety of Heights

StoneTree® offers concrete fencing in different standard heights. Therefore, you will be able to choose a height that will make your concrete fence suitable as a commercial fence, privacy fence, security fence, noise control fence, or boundary fence, as long as it meets your local building code requirements. The range of standard fence heights is three to eight feet. The range of custom fence heights is nine to sixteen feet. It is also possible to have a fence constructed that combines high-column and low-wall fence wall sections.

Easy to Remove or Replace

If you need to remove or replace sections of the stone fencing for whatever reason, you will have no problem doing so. The fencing sections are modular, so a section can be lifted out and either replaced or modified, as long a good access is available for equipment requirements. Best of all, the adjacent fence sections will not be impacted. The sections can also be removed to create temporary or permanent access to your property. This also is very effective in dealing with any damage or repair needed as a result of an accident.

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall Systems!

As the industry leader in fence manufacturing, our fences are an exceptional value for our customers. Because we utilize the AFTEC proprietary system, each customer receives the best fence available. Call us, or fill out our form to the right to get a free quote and learn more about our exceptional value!